IDA Truck & Heavy Equipment Appraisal Assignments

Optimal Appraisal Assignment Process

Assignment Options for accurate, cost-effective appraisals

Claims workflows are rapidly gaining efficiency thanks to advances in technology. While some heavy equipment appraisal vendors use automated claim assignment protocols, IDA-Claims delivers an economically-tuned appraisal service experience through our unique assignment process. With IDA, you'll get the benefits of cost and time saving technologies while retaining control over the assignment path for an accurate and cost-effective appraisal.

Upon receipt of an assignment, we quickly assess the complexity and potential damage amount of the claim and advise clients of the most efficient assignment path and service options for that assignment.

Appraisal Inspection using Tablet

1. Field Service - The Gold Standard of Appraisals

Field appraisers

IDA's nationwide field associate network and in-house experts are available for assignments ranging from minor losses to the most extensive damage to machine and equipment across the board. Services include inspection and evaluation of property in excess of $1.5 million, complex claims, complex on-site analysis of highway infrastructure, manufacturing, on & offshore oil platforms, and more. We offer personal inspection of loss sites and equipment, fire cause and origin, liability and subrogation consultation, and coordination of group site inspections to validate or gain consensus with engineers, claims adjusters from multiple carriers, mechanics and other specialists.

2. WeGoLook

We Go Look Inspections

A modern platform which combines technology and skilled 'Lookers' to capture on-site inspections, which we interpret for clients.

3. Mobile Self Service

Mobile Self Service

Using a mobile phone and mobile app, we efficiently guide clients through the self-service photo capture and submission process.

4. Desk Reviews

Desk Reviews

Desk review/adjusting is available for low value or less complex claims which require expert handling but not on-site inspections.

5. Adjustrite

Adjustrite estimating system

AdjustRite® Commercial Vehicle Estimating System enables IDA to reduce the time needed to write accurate damage estimates and supports efficiency through process automation, saving our clients time and money.

AdjustRite® Parts Management includes features which support efficient and cost-saving parts pricing, ordering and vendor management.

AdjustRite® Plus is a commercial truck and off-road/forestry equipment solution. It has preferred network capability and enables us to dispatch assignments efficiently. It supports accurate estimates using a sophisticated database with automated calculations. It saves time through digital claim information management for estimates, photos, notes, parts lists, total loss valuations, loss recovery & salvage bids.

Innovative Inspection Solutions

From truck and heavy equipment appraisal inspections to damage verification,IDA-Claims offers innovative inspection solutions that deliver the right combination of appraisal services and expertise for the most reliable, accurate and cost-saving appraisals available.