IDA Truck & Heavy Equipment Appraisal Reviews

Accurate, High Quality Appraisal Reviews

High Quality Appraisal Reviews

At IDA-Claims, Inc, in addition to inspection and appraisal services as outlined in Services and Service Standards, we provide clients with high quality truck and heavy equipment appraisal reviews designed to help them realize cost savings.

We review each estimate in detail after the estimate, reports and photos are submitted to our Quality Control Experts from our field appraisers.

Quality and Accuracy

As part of our quality review process, IDA performs multiple quality and accuracy checks using state-of-the-art guides and methodologies that enable us to locate alternative, economy or hard to find LKQ parts, and provide options for repair versus replacement.

We also assess Total Loss potential including values and options, and ensure that the estimate data is accurate.

This quality review process allows us to provide a high quality estimate and report that adheres not only to IDA's strict quality guidelines, but also to our client's specific company guidelines.

We review each estimate for the following:

  • Report Content and Accuracy
  • Technical Content and Application
  • Total Loss Potential Analysis
  • LKQ Replacement Parts
  • Aftermarket or Exchange Parts
  • Overlap Times - Eliminate Overlap
  • Determine included, non-included operations
  • Verification of Labor Rates and Times
  • Refinishing Times
  • Betterment or Appearance Allowance
  • Prior Existing (old) Damage