IDA Truck & Heavy Equipment Appraisal Service Standards

Technology-Enabled Appraisal Process

Technology-Enabled Appraisal Process

Our field appraisers are equipped with cutting edge technology, creating a smooth and efficient appraisal process and enabling us to:

  • Send assignments directly to the appraiser in the field
  • Use our clients electronic inspection forms in the field
  • Upload from inspection site all records to our online site.

Our Appraisal Technology

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Appraisal Standards:

Our Appraisal Service Standards offer quick contact and inspection:

  • 24 hour contact, 72 hour inspection
  • Telephone contact made with client upon completion of initial inspection
  • The specification form will be completed at the job site and and uploaded with photos to our online site for your perusal.
  • Status Report intervals of 7 days unless otherwise specified by client
  • Closing report when all necessary activity has been completed
  • IDA saves you time by sending the closing report, inspection forms, estimate and digital images in a single communication