IDA Crane Damage Assessments

Accurate Crane Damage Assessments by Qualified Appraisers

Crane Damage Assessments and related Services

At IDA-Claims, Inc, our qualified crane appraisers offer accurate crane damage assessments, crane inspections, crane evaluations, and crane reinspection after repair and certification to return to service.

Our qualified crane appraisers perform timely inspections, damage assessments and prepare detailed reports.

Crane Inspection Reports

We provide complete, accurate reports which contain date and location of crane inspection, damage repair estimate and/or total loss valuation with salvage information.

Our crane inspection reports include digital color photos of the unit along with damage description, and unit condition summary.

Cost Savings

LKQ replacement parts will be utilized when appropriate. If not, our crane inspection report will be noted. Labor rates will be verified and overlap time will be eliminated, when possible.

Recommended betterment or appearance allowances will be applied in accordance with generally accepted industry standards, and company guidelines.

Total Losses

Total Loss Valuations will be provided as part of our report along with digital photos if a crane is determined to be a total loss.


Should a crane be determined as a total loss, IDA can arrange and assist with salvage disposal, as needed.

Crane Damage Assessment Services

  • Crane Inspections & Damage Assessments
  • Crane Evaluations
  • Crane Repair Process & Procedure
  • Estimates for Crane Repairs in lieu of totaling a unit
  • Crane Inspection after repair and certification to return to service

Qualified / Certified Appraisers

Charles B. Scarrott, ISA-AM
California Crane Certifier CA-332, Member SC&RA,
Return to Service

Donald J Robinson
IDA Owner & G.M., Qualified Appraiser

Theodore G. Aufort, Jr.
Mainland Branch Manager, Qualified Appraiser

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