IDA Mass Transport Appraisals

Trains, Planes, Buses & Mass Transport Equipment Damage Appraisals

Trains, Planes, Buses & Mass Transport Equipment Appraisals, Damage Assessments and Services

At IDA-Claims, Inc, we offer Trains, Planes & Mass Transport appraisals, evaluations, damage assessments, and reinspections by Experienced Heavy Equipment Damage Appraisers.

Our qualified appraisers have extensive experience appraising and assessing all types of mass transport industry equipment including trains, planes, buses and other mass transport units and equipment.

Inspection Reports

Along with timely inspections and damage appraisals, IDA provides complete, accurate reports which contain date and location of our mass transport unit and equipment inspection, damage estimate and/or total loss valuation.

Our reports include digital color photos of mass transport units with detailed damage descriptions, and condition summary.

Cost Savings

LKQ replacement parts will be utilized when appropriate. If not, our inspection report will be noted. We will verify labor rates and eliminate overlap time, when possible.

Recommended betterment or appearance allowances will be applied in accordance with generally accepted industry standards, and company guidelines.

Total Losses

Total Loss Valuations will be provided as part of our report along with digital photos if mass transport units/equipment are determined to be a total loss.


Should trains, planes, buses & mass transport unit and equipment be assessed as a total loss or non-repairable, IDA can arrange and assist with salvage disposal, if requested.

Appraisal Services

  • Appraisals for Trains, Planes, Buses & other Mass Transport Units
  • Mass Transportation Industry Equipment Damage Assessments
  • Trains, Planes, Buses & Mass Transport Equipment Valuations
  • Mass Transport Equipment Estimate Reviews and Audits
  • Mass Transport Equipment Re-inspections

Experienced Appraisers

IDA appraisers are highly qualified and have extensive experience appraising all types of trains, planes or other mass transport units/equipment including:

  • Freight train cars and containers including cargo cars, box cars, goods wagons and flat cars
  • Passenger trains including passenger cars, coaches & carriages
  • Planes
  • Buses
  • Other types of mass transport units and equipment

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